Get a Roof, Get a Gun

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You’re a true patriot who believes that gun ownership isn’t just your right, it’s to protect citizens like you against the infringement on your God-given rights. It’s not a new concept but one that our founding fathers believed in and wrote into the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.

Why are we giving away AR-15s with every completed roof replacement? Because it symbolizes, at our core, who we are; True American Patriots. Just like the AR-15 we’re promoting, our roofs are built for Americans, by Americans. We chose the AR-15 for this promotion because, for patriots like us, its true representation is the high cost of freedom we enjoy in these United States.

The natural question is, “Why give an AR-15 to civilians?” The answer is found in the beliefs that shaped our nation by our founding fathers; that a well-armed population is the best defense for protecting your life, liberty and happiness.

The leaders of Weatherproof Roofing & Exteriors are Bible-believing, gun-owning patriots that believe gun ownership is both a privilege and a right.

When choosing us to replace your roof, upon final payment, clients will receive a code to redeem for an AR-15, fulfilled by Cabelas. As an alternative, clients may also choose a $500 Cabela’s gift card.

Call for details today!

buy a roof get a gun get a roof get a gun

buy a roof get a gun fulfilled by Cabelas!

Disclaimer: Weatherproof Roofing & Exteriors strongly recommends the safe and responsible use of ALL firearms. Weatherproof Roofing & Exteriors strongly recommends all firearm users take a firearms safety class and that all firearms be kept securely out of the reach of unattended minors. Weatherproof Roofing & Exteriors bears no liability for the misuse of any firearm transferred during this promotion. Weatherproof will not knowingly provide a firearm to any person who has not successfully passed a mandatory government background check through a locally licensed FFL dealer. By receiving our voucher, the homeowner agrees to release Weatherproof Roofing and their employees from any and all responsibility and liability for the misuse of any firearm acquired through this promotion!